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Monday, September 29, 2008

RDM - Level 31 - Rank 3

Played: 4 hour Logged on again to help Kirinkage to level his PLD and to check on my plant. I get on and I have a message from Inchigo asking me to update my blog. I am so happy there are a few who like my blog. So, I went to meet him in Kazham. I got Olibhear to join the festivities. So we had 2 RDM, 2 PLD, THF, PUP. Those PUP give me the willies. They are so creepy. Anyway we get part of the party together and head into the jungle. Just as I get in someone either aggro'd a gob so we ended up killing it barely. We did not have on level sync yet. We were waiting for THF, who by the way was Doncarnage. Person I partied with my 1st time in Kazham and was in my linkshell. Party in Kazham We had to make camp by entrance because our typical camp was taken. I had forgot to get my signet when I was in Jeuno. Good thing San.D. Was in control of Kazham this week. I was able to get my signet and to recharge my emperor band. Doncarnage finally makes it to us. So she starts pulling immediately. I use my emperor ring. Now the level sync is set to 25. We kill all evening. At some point I level to 30, Kirin got 27, and Olibhear got like 37. Then he left to finish his SMN quest. Then KJirin tried to get me to leave to start the SMN quest. I told him no, it can wait for another day. So it's just 5 of us. Then Doncarnage did his/her infamous leaving party with no explanation. So it's down to 4 of us. Level sync is 26. We were still able to take on the Mandragora's with 4 of us. I forgot to mention we had a guardian angel. I high level RDM was with us killing the Gobs for us so we didn't get aggro. After a while, I got tired and I said I was going to disband. However, Kirin said same so the party broke up. I run to catch airship. Lucky me, it was there when I arrived. I boarded immediately. Back in Jeuno I decided I need Level 30 gear so I go buy armor. I am now officially broke. And I look like a hobo. I am so mismatched. I don't look cute. I have buyer's remorse. I put my current armor up for sale in AH. I didn't get a sword, because I can't afford too. Now I have to farm, farm, farm, and farm. I need spells too. I'm a really poor mage. Hobo 30 Outfit To ease my hurt feelings I start chatting on my linkshell. I talk to everyone and the only person who ignored me was Inchigo. So I bitched about it and he still ignored me. Oh well. I ran around selling stuff to NPC's. Then I logged off. I missed Heroes to play FFXI tonight. I'll get over it.

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