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Friday, October 31, 2008

WHM - Level 24 - Rank 3

Played: 3 hrs Got on to party with Inchigo. I spoke with him earlier on AIM. He said I should form a party and that's what I did. It was a pretty good party. We had as follows: WHM, WAR, THF,DNC, BLM, MNK It was pretty good. However, the very first fight I died. But then I was good after that. We played by the tower for crabs. Photobucket During the party this taru died and this is the convo Taru: Can you raise me? Me: Hold on. Taru: ok, but can you raise me? Me: Let me finish this fight I finish the fight Me: Hey Elmira can you raise that taru? Elmira: Sure Then thf brought another crab Me: Elmira will raise you after this fight Taru: ok Elmira is healing for mp to raise taru Taru2: Can you raise him? Me: I can't raise Taru2: Can't you raise him? Me: No I can't. I'm only level 22 Taru2: Take off level sync Me: I'm level 22 with or without level sync Taru2: You can raise him Me: WHM does not get raise until level 25 Then no more discussion. Elmira was about to raise Taru but he was impatient and hp'd. Oh well. That was weird. They see a WHM and automatically assume that they can raise. Well at least I know the job is wanted at times. I am almost at my goal. I want to take WHM to 25 before I go back to my RDM. I love RDM. However, I'm so confuswed what to macro. I have too many spells. I have more than spells than WHM and BLM. It's a costly job. But I love playing it. I'm a kick ass RDM.

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