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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Got A New Pet. Her Name is Ember.

Played: 4.5 hrs I think (don't remember time I got on) I get on to do Nest quest again along with other quests I have open. Building the fame fame yo! So I am in Sandy. I wonder what other quest i can start to gain some more fame. So I decide to do the DRG quest. Inchigo said he wants to do it too. However, he said he was in a party but he wants to do it with me. I said okay. I started the quest while I was in San D. I did all except for the parts that require to leave San D. I head to Jugner to do the Nest & Grimy Post quest. While I was there, I found some nice scenery. Photobucket Photobucket I finish the quest and head back to San D just in time for Inchigo to finish the preliminary part of the DRG quest. We then go to the Maze of Shakrami to dig up Wyvern egg. Inchigo got it on first try. I had to hunt around the whole place to get my own. Then we had to go back to San D. Then we had to go to Meriphitaud Mountains to trade egg to Dragon spine. While I was there, I get the clay tablet for the Nest quest. From there, we have to go to Ghelsba Outpost to fight the Dragon. It went pretty smoothly. Kirinkage helped us with the Dragon. I forgot to take picture of the fight. I named my dragon EMBER. Inchigo named his FIREWING. We head back to San D to try out the job. There weren't any spears in AH so Inchigo made some for us. Yay! We head into E Ronf to test out. We ended up leveling DRG to 8 before the night ended.. Here are some pics: Photobucket Photobucket When I head to San D to shut down, this little Taru asked me for a pearl. His name is PhilCollins, lol. I think he's not from the US. He may be Japanese. He's a level 16 WHM. I go to Selbina real quick to turn in clay tablet for another Selbina clay. On the way there was a level 16 DRG in the Dunes. His dragon's name was MIKAN. I was going to choose that name at first. Glad I didn't. I chose Ember because I haven't seen anyone with that name. I head back to mog in San D and shut down.

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