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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bickering At The Party

Played: dunno I got on to continue to do quest in San.D. to build my fame. I check my delivery box to find a whole lot of stuff. Money from a sale at the AH and then a bunch of odd equip from Titen. I try to empty the delivery box but my inventory is full. I try to make room. I still don't have any room. All the while, Titen is sending me tells. He asked me if I wanted to party. I said sure, why not. However, he sends more shit. He doesn't tell me why. I have no room. I ended up buying 2 more armor boxes, selling all my crystals, and all of my cooking supplies to make room. I seriously need to make some Jeuno fame so I can do the "Gobbie Bag" quests. I finally get my inventory, storage, and safe completed when Titen said to meet him at the outpost in W Ronf. I get there, he's naked. I asked him why is he's naked. He asked me to trade him his stuff. I said what stuff. He said the stuff he sent. I said I don't have it. It's in my mog. How was I to know he wanted his stuff back. He didn't give me any instructions when he sent the stuff. Any how, we ended up going back to San.D. to get his stuff from my mog house. I ended up having to run around again, cause he gave me more stuff. He has mad stuff to give away. I told him to give some to Kirinkage. I have no room. So we head to Jeuno via chocobo. In Jeuno, he assembled a party. He asked me to ask Inchigo to party but Inchigo wanted to log off. So we ended up in the Shitadel again. On the way, the COR couldn't remember how to get to the Shitadal. So, Titen being the rude guy he is, somewhat called him a retard. I was trying to squash the little squabble. By time I get to camp, I was trembling in fear. I almost fell down one of the holes in the ground. I hate the Shitadel. Anyhoo, after 2 fights, the COR left without word. I figure it was because of Titen and his rudeness. But apparently the rest of the party wasn't too happy with him. I was concentrating on my job. However, thru the whole party, Titen and I were bickering thru tells. I did get 2 levels thru the parties and my enfeebling skill went up drastically. It's like 114 now. I just need to get my sword skill up. I was super tired, so I logged. Photobucket Photobucket

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