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Saturday, November 8, 2008

3 Deaths = 2 Levels

Played: forever.... lol just kidding, probably 7 hrs, the longest I played I got on thinking of doing a BCNM fight to get my scroll of Phalanx. I got Kirinkage to help. So I asked Titen. He made the effort so difficult. He just couldn't give me a straight answer. It's quite annoying. So my thrill was lost. I got on talking to everyone on my LS. I started off in San.D.. I then teleported to Quifm to get to Jeuno. I went to check the spell of Phalanx. That scroll costs 30k gil. DAMN!!!!!!!! It would've been better to do the BCNM. However, the Titen the bitch, no no whiner is more like it, gave me the scroll, some birds' beaks, some birds' feathers, and tons of wind crystal. I guess he making up for irritating me so. He drives me insane. He can't give a straight answer. Anyway, I got off subject. As I ran from Qufim to Jeuno, I must've passed Shallia. When I was running around Jeuno, she started a tell convo with me that was weird. I'm not her favorite person. This is roughly how the convo went. Shallia: Hello Me: Hi Shallia: How are you doing? Me: Good, and you? Shallia: I'm good. Are you looking for a party? Me: Not really, just running doing errands. Shallia: What have you been up to? Me: Running around, leveling,farming, the same old. What have you been up to? Shallia: Leveling NIN to 37. Me: Ok Shallia: It's nice talking to you. Me: What's up? Then I don't get a response. It was weird. It felt weird. At the end, I wanted her just to tell me what's up. Why she's trying to be nice to me when she doesn't want to be. Just weird. I got tired of running around, so I sat put and cooked. I peeled 2 stacks of crayfish and put it in the AH. Then I get an invite just as Kakida gets on LS. So I ask them if they 2 spots available. They said no. I then decide to form a party for the Shitadel. I get Titen, Inchigo, Oliphant, Kakida and myself. I just needed one person. Then Inchi said he can't party because it's too close to 10 pm and he had to got to work. I ended up getting a husband and wife team. We head out. We get there after the 3rd fight I die by sacrafice. I put divine seal on and hit curaga to save the whole party and the stinking beetle killed me. The party was still dying. So the BLM cast escape and they ended up back in Saramouge Champaign. Oliphant came to raise me. Of course running to get back to party, I died and Oliphant died right after me. Evez the husband of the duo left to change job to BLM to come back & raise us. Once he came, he raised and escaped us to Saramouge Champaign. We healed up and went back into the Shitadel while Evez went to go change back to THF. We fight on. After the 2 deaths I did level to 34 and then Titen had to leave. Then we replaced him with a WHM. We fought some more. Then Kakida and Oliphant had to leave. I was able to replace Kakida first with another WAR. I couldn't find a replacement for Oli. I ended up getting Kirinkage to replace him. We get to keep on fighting. However, there was this bat attacking me for no reason so I go to zone. Well I got the black downloading screen but I died. How the fuck did that happen? I zoned & I had enough HP to last. The WHM ended up coming to raise me. This was the 3rd time I died for the night. Either way I ended up leveling to 35 with a great cushion. At the end (2:30 am), I said I had to go. I used my warp scroll. I end back to Jeuno and shut down.

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