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Friday, October 31, 2008

Boo Yah! Level 25 - Captured!

Played: 4-5 hrs I got on to get that last level to get my WHM to 25. I formed a party in Qufim. It went pretty well. I had most friends in the party except 2. One of the 2 I have partied with the whole time I've been in Qufim with my WHM. I had Oliphant (PLD - friend), Chig (BLM - friend), Kirinkage (DRG - brother), myself (WHM), Tyranor (WAR - partied with before) and Zombii (MNK). We meet by tower. We kill, but the experience was getting sucky, so we went inside the tower. The last time we were here, it was me, Inchigo, Kirinkage, Oliphant, Kakida, and someone else and we were murdered. Well I exagerate, 5 were murdered by an NM and me, I died by Seeker Bat as I was trying to zone. However, let's not reflect on that. We get in, & we do well. I did level to 25 before we entered the tower, but the party was too much fun. We started getting bad experience points. Chig never gotten her Kazham pass yet so we couldn't go to Kazham. We eventually had to disband because Oli & Tyranor had to go. I head back into Jeuno and learned the scroll of Raise. Now if I am playing & there's a nomad moogle close by I can switch jobs & raise people. Woo Hoo. I ended up going to San.D.. to start mission 3-1 Infilitrate Davoi. Kirinkage escorted me on the mission. So I meet him at the entrance to Davoi. I changed into my RDM. I throw on invisible & I was good to go. I found the guy I needed to find. I talked to him and we bounced. We head back to San.D.. On our way Kirin and I kill a Battering Ram & I got the spoils. Then we arrived at San.D.. I went to finish up the mission. My next mission will be appointment to Jeuno. I then logged off.

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