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Monday, December 22, 2008

Smashing Boxes and Spreading Holiday Cheer

Played: 3 days various hours Day 1: I get on to do some more Nest quest. I also have to finish my supply run to Pashow Marshlands. However, I get a level sync party immediately in Crawlers Nest (hidden room). I head there with some party members. The party sucked. The puller kept bringing mobs back towards me while I am healing which of coure aggros. I am in the back and they level sync to 40 below so I don't have refresh. I had to raise people twice. All in all, I didn't level and party disbanded when SAM had to leave. I warp back to Jeuno. So I leave Jeuo for the swampy place. I figure I kill 2 birds with 1 stone. I chocobo to the OP to find out my supplies were expired. Didn't realize it was Sunday. So I continue on to find monument. I fought 2 Marlboros to get clay tablet. I use my Kingdom collar to Warp to San.D.. I rent another chocobo to get to Selbina to turn in clay tablet to get more clay. I decided to do 2 more monuments close to Selbina. I do the Valkrum Dunes then Konschtat Highlands. In Konschtat I kill an Battering Ram equivalent. I do the swap in Selbina as usual. I am too lazy to walk back to San.D., so I OP warp. I head to mog to log. Day 2: I get on bored. I'm in San.D., so I decide to level SMN and participate in the festivities. I see the boxes in W Ronf when I go out to kill but I have no idea what to do. I bump into my friend Anukanasomune. Haven't seen her in a long time. She showed me how to do the events. We kill boxes for tokens. Photobucket While I was out there I give her a sack for my LS to both her alter and main character. I get dream food, platters and clothes. We exchange cards for tokens and gifts. We carolled and got tokens and goodies. She gave me 100k gil. That was shocking and nice of her. I bought 3 christmas trees (1 for each Nation). She then invited me into her mog to show me how her place was. She said she's maxed out in space and even have her mog locker rented until 2013. She gave me seeds and a scroll of Protect IV. I leave her mog and enter my own and I log for the night. Day 3: I get on to do more holiday event and more leveling SMN. When I go out, I don't see anymore boxes. So I kill mobs with Carby (Carbuncle). My bro, Kirinkage, said he'll come powerlevel me since he was in the area. I said sure. Ding! I level to 7. Boo ya! I also get some chests. I get a temporary remedy and a pair of leather highboots. I can use them for my THF or DNC. I couldn't open the last chest (sad face). My brother then disappeared with another DRG to do a BCNM40. I asked him how was he going to powerlevel me with DRG. He doesn't have a mage job, lol. He laughed. As he left, the boxes started to appear. I kill the boxes and get my gifts. Then I got bored of it. I go to my mog to reorganize. I ended up buying 2 more armor boxes. I place my trees out to show. Took pics too. SB&SHC-1 SB&SHC-5 SB&SHC-2 I found out the Dream platter and stockings have storage of 2. I was going to drop them like I did with other event items that I didn't need. So I got some more organizng to do though. I have to some quests to get rid of some items I have in my possession. I also have to do some opening of chests in garlaige and delkfutt towers. I change into my RDM before I log off.

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