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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Breaking The Clouds

I get on,but what to do? After much deliberation, I decided to try out SMN with my buddy Shiva. I run off to LaTheine to do FOV. I chose page 1. Hey, now, I'm only 11. That was supposed to be my range & I was by myself. I had to kill 3 Wasps & 3 Saplings. I started with the Wasps. They are harder to do. They don't spawn as fast. I head to the crater where I can find them. I find one. I call out Shiva. Shiva kicked that Wasp's ass so fast I nearly missed the fight. What I did notice, is that Shiva sucks tons of MP. So, I decide to use Carby for the rest of the time. He doesn't suck too much MP. I finished my Wasp requirements and exit the crater for better footing. I find 3 Saplings easily. I whooped their asses. On my way back, I try to avoid Orcs. They check as Tough to Very Tough to me. I went my merry way. Guess what happened? You guessed right an Orc aggro'd me. But not just any Orc. A grappler. Those are tougher than the rest. I tried to call out Shiva. But the Orc seemed to interrupt my casting, or so I thought. I pull out my staff. If I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die fighting. As the grappler hit me again, guess who hit him back? Not I, but Shiva. I didn't think she came out. Shiva saved my ass!!!!!!! By time the fight was done, I had like 15 HP and 15 MP left. That was a close call. I LOVE SHIVA!!!!!! I made it back to FOV book in piece without aggro. I sat & rested there. With all that excitement, I decided to head back home. Once I zone into W Ronf, I decided to bring Carby out to be my bodyguard in case I get aggro'd. He was a great bodyguard too. I aggro'd 2 Goblins. He took out one while I took out the second. I got back to castle and I still had a lot of MP remaining. Carby is MP efficient. I love him too. I changed back to RDM and threw my seek flag. I get a party immediately. We fighting those birds again. I really don't get anything from them. I do level to 64 though. So when I noticed Beseiged going to start I told party I was leaving to do Beseiged. So the party decided to break up. I was going to find them a replacement. But one of the members told me to stay in party because he wants to do Beseiged too. So we both walk back to Al Zhabi from Bhaflutt Thickets. Beseiged is on. I get Frizzlefry and others in my party. I die. I get a lot of skill ups. I love Beseiged. I hate the lag & the deaths. But the good thing, we don't lose exp from Beseiged. I try to level my dark & elemental skills. I'm doing pretty well. Just need to keep on doing Beseiged. Since I turned 64 I decided to just get Limit Break out of the way. It supposedly the easiest one. So I run to Jeuno to speak to the infamous Maat. He tells me I have to give 4 people throughout Vana'diel a Kindred Seal. He will notify them himself of my coming. But does he tell me who the people are? That would be too easy. He gives me 4 hints. Out of the 4 hints, I know of 1 person with 100% accuracy. 2 of the them I have no clue. The last one I believe I know who it is. So I run back to San D "supposedly to get my seals out of storage". Instead, I run to the explorer moogle in North San D and has me teleport me to Mhaura. I believe that the 4th person who I believe it is to be there. But of course I don't remember the name. So I check good old Wiki. I read the who the person is. Of course I was wrong. I just shelled out 300 gil to go to the wrong place. Now I pay another 300 gil to get back, so sad. So I check all the people I need to go to on Wiki. So I decide to do guy in Bastok first. So I go to explorer moogle again pay 300 gil to be teleported to Bastok. I go to Metalworks and find the guy. Can you guess what's wrong with the situation? I forgot my damned seals in storage all the way in f?????g San D. So I warp back to San D get my seals. Instead of going back to Bastok, I decide to go to do Port San D to give guy my seal. Guess what happens again? I forgot those damn seals again. I go into mog house & retrieve 4 and go back to guy in Port San D. 1 out of 4 completed. I go to explorer moogle again to teleport me to Windhurst. I find the guy and him gave him a seal. 2 out of 4 completed. I then go to explorer moogle in Windy to teleport me to Selbina. I find my 100% accurate guy & trade him his seal. 3 out of 4 completed. So now my 2nd to last stop is Bastok, again. I go to explorer moogle in Selbina to teleport me back to Bastok. In Bastok, I go back to the guy in MetalWorks. I trade him the seal. Finally all 4 seals are given out. So I decide which way is the most inexpensive way to get back to Jeuno. This quest has been expensive. I decide to catch the Airship. The airship is there. I pay my gil to the guy. I run down the jet way and the damn Airship took off without me. Gotdamnit!!!! Gotdamnit!! Gotdamnit!!! So I had to sit around for 10 minutes in the very unattractive Bastok port waiting on the next airship to arrive. I finally get to Maat. He congratulates me saying he knew I could do it and I've ascended about the clouds. Yada Yada Yada. I just want to go to bed. It was just an aggravating quest because of my senility and my foolheartiness.

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