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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Death Wish

So I get on to help my bro, Kirinkage, to level his RDM. So I went as DNC. His RDM is 10 and my DNC is 9. I could've came as SMN, level 8. So as I was changing, Kirin was inviting people from the LS. Kainbelmont said we could start a static but he couldn't make it tonight. So I realized as I was changing that I do not have appropriate gear for support/damage dealer at this level. So I had to wear my level 1 RSE (race specific equipment). Met up with Kirin at exit to W Ronf. We make our way to Latheine. We decided to do FOV so we can get extra experience. We had to kill 3 Saplings & 3 Wasps. We took care of the saplings easily. Now we are in crater looking for wasps. We found one. This wasp is giving us a warm time. But a Gob decides to join in. Needless to say, we both die. We got a raise coming, Aratak from our LS. So Kirin and I are chatting up our ls and thru tells while we wait. Kakida came on. He decided to join us. We were still dead by time he joined us. Aratak finally joined us. He raised us. After our weakened state wore off we got Kakida in party. We went partially around the crater, where Kirin met a 2nd untimely death due to gob. Aratak was still around so he raised Kirin. Then we make it further along the crater then Kakida aggro'd a gob. Of course, all 3 of us died. That's death #3 for Kirin, #2 for me and #1 for Kakida. Aratak came like an angel of mercy and raised all 3 of us. We decide to all it a day from leveling and decided to skill up in Ranspierre's tomb. So we head home to San D. I get aggro from gob. We all died again. I think there was a conspiracy set up to kill us. I should've came as SMN. Carby can hit harder than all 3 of us. So Kirin leveled down at this death. So we just hp'd and headed to Ranspierre's Tomb. We get there to skill up. I am getting elemental and dark skill ups and some sword skills. The sword skill ups are few but sizable. Each time I get a skill it was for .4 skill so that adds up to 1.0 really quickly. So in end I got 20 full skill ups on sword, and elemental & 1 on dark. 5-5-09

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