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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Old Bones & Booty

It's time to start doing missions again. I need to get rank 6 so I can do dynamis. Yes I know I'm not level enough, but I've been offer a dynamis linkshell. So, I might as well get the prerequisites out of the way, no? So I get Kerikris, Kirinkage & Inchigo to help. Kirin said we needed a full party, so I had to find 2 more folks. I ended up getting Kakida & Mnace. They both had to do this mission too.
We had to go to Fei'Yin and kill some skeletons. We meet in Beaucidine Glacier. Once we are gathered we head to Fei'Yin. Of course, I got lost. I hate BG. It's always double snow so you can't see shit. Keri had to come find me & escort me, lol.
We get to Fei'Yin, we get where we need to go. The fight was not that bad. Keri & I sat back & cured the guys. I also did a little bit of enfeebling. The fight was over pretty quickly. I got my cutscenes and all. Keri tele-holla'd us except for Mnace. Mnace, Kakida & I went to finish up our mission in our respective home nations.
Kakida noticed his rank bar was full after he completed the mission. So I checked mine. Kakida had to log because his wife had to use his computer. Mnace & I started Mission 5-2 "The Shadow Lord". We say we going to tackle it next week. Yay! So I do all the leg work so next week all I have to do is fight.
So as I was finishing up the run around for 5-2, Cyre from the linkshell said they were heading to RoMaeve to do Field of Valor. I asked if I can join. He said sure. We head there. It was cool. We killed dolls. The place is full of weapons and dolls. So just need a lot of sneak. It was pretty fun. Got skill ups on Dark magic, which is always good. Then we left there to go there to do FOV in Zi'Tah. Since we had to wait one full game day, we decided to farm. We do pretty well. Then we started FOV. But during, Cyre disconnected, & then i had to go. All in all I had a good time.

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