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Monday, June 1, 2009

I See The Light - Thanks Kain!

I go to Zi'Tah to do some easy farming, while I waited for this party I was invited to got started. I didn't get so much. All the Gobbues weren't dropping a thing. So I ended up leaving Zi'Tah to go duo with Kainbelmont. As Kain & I were leaving, the party guy said he was ready, but I chose to skip and just duo with Kain. We went same place we always do, Ayeedwa Cavern (or something like that). We nuke the crap out those rat/dog looking mobs. 6-1-09 By end of the night I got my Elemental magic skill increased by 20 levels. Not bad. I also leveled to 65 too. We were getting great exp with skilling up. I got the best of both worlds. 6-1-09 1

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