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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Been In A Freezer All Damn Day!!!

I got on game because I promised Kakida to help him with his limit break 2. However, when I got on, he wasn't on. So I was palling around on my ls {CB} talking. So I decided I wanted to do LB3 [limit break #3]. I was able to get Kirinkage & Kainbelmont to help. I also needed to buy spell - Shell III. So I headed to Jeuno because I didn't know where the magic shop in Whitegate was. I told Kain & Kirin that I'll meet them at Beaudeaux. At Beaudeaux, we (Kirin & I) just followed Kain to spot to get my Crest. It was pretty easy while I was sneaked up. I got cursed multiple times. Kain used Cursna. The turtles didn't even aggro to the low HP. So it was all good. While we were there Thesage said he would like to help. So I told him he can meet us by the second stop, Davoi. I gotta love Kain, he tele-holla'd us and we caught choco to Davoi. We waited for Thesage not too far inside Davoi. Didn't take him long to join us. So we get going to the really tough area of Davoi. Sad I had to get my pimp suit wet. Oh well. Par for the course. I did get aggro'd by an orc as i wad entering Monastic cavern, but i zoned fast enough. Got where I needed to go without any further aggro. While we were in Davoi, Kakida came on. I told him to start LB2 and to meet us in San D. I only had one more stop to make, Oztroja. Kain, being the awesomest (yes, I just made that word up), tele-mea'd us to Tahrongi Canyon & we caught choco to Castle Oztroja. I get in. Thesage fell through trap door. The rest of made it through. We waited for him at the other door we had to pass. I had to cast sneak & invisi here. We get into a room that has this wooden looking statue. I wasn't paying attention as much, but I was taking snap shots of us. 5-2-09 4 Then Kain put in some password and we fell down thru the floor. Scared the shit out of me. Wasn't expecting that. So we get where we needed to be. I got what I needed and Kain, the angel, warped us back to homepoint. Once back at San D, we met up with Kakida after Kirin & I checked out Thesage's mog house. We, Kain, Thesage, Kirinkage, & myself, escort Kakida thru Ranguemont Pass to Beaucedine Glacier to Xarcabard. Once we made it thru R Tunnel and Beaucedine Glacier, Kain had to go, so the rest of us went to Xarcabard. As we zoned in we bumbed into the Shadow Dragon again. 5-2-09 3Kirin was happy because he always wanted to take it on, but never got a chance. Once we defeated Dragon, we hit the NM's for Kakida as well as letting Kakida get his tele-crystal for Vhazl.

Since we were up here, I convinced everyone to help me with my AF6 fight in Fei'Yin, located in Beaucedine. They agreed. We head there. Thesage wanted to take it on himself, the NM called Miser Murphy. He was doing well for a long time. He had changed to SMN when we were in his mog house earlier. I didn't even know. 5-2-09 2

I had to raise a guy named Blake. Thesage believed that was why I never got cut scene when I entered Fei'Yin. Believe it or not Fei'Yin looks just like Delkfutt Tower. Kirin & Thesage defeat Miser at the end and I got my antique coin and traded it to the fountain for cut scene. Yay! This part of quest done.

So Thesage tele-holla'd us again and we head to Jeuno, so both me & Kakida can talk to Maat. I officially became "Sky Breaker" and can now level until level 65. Yay!!!! Then I convinced my party to help me with the last leg of my AF6 quest. They said yes. So off to Garlaige Citadel. Here, Thesage also wanted to solo the Shadow Box Creature behind banishing gate #1. He does pretty well until. then we all chipped in towards the end.

5-2-09 1 I get my cut scene afterwards. We all warp afterwards. I thanked everyone for their help. I get back to San D and zone into N San D for my final cut scene. It was a very good story line. ****Spoiler***** Story Line: Curilla father went missing. She believes he's dead. I have to search for his stuff all over the place. In end I have found his body so he could rest in peace. I return to San D where he reappears to his daughter Curilla and saves them from a Fomar after he slays his murder. He gives Curilla his pocket watch for her to keep in his memory. It was sweet. I got my hat. Can't wear it until I hit 60 though.

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