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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back to The Bump & Grind

I went to farm in Zi'Tah. Probably spent around 45 minutes farming. I had some competition. Farming is really boring. I'm not even getting good skill ups cause all the stuff is too weak to be worthwhile. So I got bored after a while. I left and went to Jeuno. Why I have no idea. But since I was there, I decided to try if I can flag Gobbiebag IV quest. So I run to Blufnixx in Lower Jeuno. I was able to flag it. Wow! I don't know what I'm doing that's increasing me Jeuno fame, but I need t do it some more. So I was able to gather all he material for the quest easily. So I trade them to the friendly gob. I get my inventory increased to 50 slots. Yay! So, I'm bored, so I decide to play with Ember a little. So I head back to San D and changed to DRG. I run to LaTheine to do FOV. I do, I think page 5, not sure. I died when I was killing an Akaba & 2 Orcs joined the fun. Then Thesage joined me. He made the excuse of wanting to skill up his healing skills. He justed wanted to hang with me. I don't mind. He's cool. After I finished FOV I just killed & I made him escort me to Dunes to powerlevel me against hairs and then lizards. He then had a Sky/Sea (can't remember which) event to go to so he warped me back to San D and he went to go meet up with his mates. Once back to San D, I changed back to RDM and found a party. Of course it was in Bhaflau Thickets against Colibri. I leveled to 63 in party so I was good before I logged for the day.

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