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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Better Than Farming

I get on to party, but I couldn't get party for my level,so I decided to go farm in Zi'Tah.  I get there & I save a chick from a gob death.  Afterwards, I get an offer I couldn't refuse. I got offered gil to powerlevel a party.  
At first, I was a bit hesitant. I never powerleveled a whole party. So, I said okay. The party was in the secret room in Crawlers' Nest.  So we started on Crawlers. So far so good. Then they brought in a horn fly. Those suck my mp like crazy. So there were a death or 2.  Then eventually they liked 2 flies, 5 out 6 of the party died. Then I cast reraise and then I die. I used chainspell and raise 4 out of the 5 party members.  There were more deaths afterwards.  I think I wasn't hih enough to powerlevel Crawlers' Nest. I can't take on a fly by myself. 
I did get 17,500 gil for the whole experience. I'm going to going to get better at powerleveling. I did get a couple of skilll ups, though.
All in all it was an okay night.  

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