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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This is Clan Belmont

Today was photo day for ClanBelmont. While I wait for picture, I skilled up in Cape Terrigan with Inchigo doing FOV. Thesage joined us for a spell. Made over 5k in gil and over 5k in exp. I never realized you got gil doing FOV. I should do it more often. Those of us, Belmonts that is, gathered in Latheine Plateau to take our LS picture. I had to mule my brother for the pic. That was some tough work. Here are my versions of the pic from my angle. The are my current family on game. ClanBelmont rocks! Photobucket 5-26-09 2

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Starfirex said...

F***!!! i wish i was in that picture *sigh* i miss all of you ; ;