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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shiva Beseiged a Mea

As a linkshell, we thought it would be good to have weekly mission/events for our members to accomplish goals. So today was our first try at doing Chains of Promythia (COP) Promyvian- Mea. We ended up going to the broken teleport at the telecrag in Tahrongi. So we head in all 7 of us (Kainbelmont-BLM, Naquel-MNK, Frizzlefry-WAR, Nimotas_THF, Loquat-WHM, Sketch-NIN, and I-RDM). Kain didn't join fight for first fight. He stayed outside to guide us. We wiped the first time. Naquel bounced after the first attempt, so Kain ended up replacing him. 5-31-09-1 1 We wiped 4 more times. Making us wipe 5 times for the night. We got frustrated so we left and didn't try a 6th time. Since we wiped, I had the urge to kill something. I realized that my fame for San D was 6, so I wanted to try to get Shiva avatar for my SMN. I was able to recruit Thesage-SMN, Frizzle-PLD, Kainbelmont-BLM and Rhelic-WHM. So we head to Fei'Yin to the battle arena. We go in to fight. The fight seemed easy. It went really quick. I casted a lot of Fire II's on her. 5-31-09-1 2 At end I got the ability to summnon Shiva as well as Rhelic. I think everyone else took the gil. So Kain warped everyone home. I ran to guy to finish quest. I then went to my mog house, changed job to SMN and threw on any gear that I could use for my level. I ran to W Ronf to summon Shiva. I just wanted to see her and test her out. 5-31-09-1 She's able to do Axe Kick and cast Blizzard II. But she takes a lot of MP though. I came back in from W Ronf in time to make it for Beseiged. I changed back to RDM and teleported to Whitegate. I need to level up my Dark magic skills. So I got my dark up maybe 3 levels. Beseiged was short. I only died twice. That's a new record for me. Overall, today was a good day even with the wipe of Promy-Mea.

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