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Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Hunting We Will Go

I am in Windurst when I log on. I decide to finish some more of the quests in order to get the map of Fei'Yin. So I run to Giddeus to finish up 2 quests. I get back to find out that I can't start the 3rd out of 5 quests to get map. My fame is still low. It's just level 2. I also finished the Lure of Wildcats quest so I can teleport to Whitegate from Windy. I don't feel like running around Windy, again, to get fame. I have bigger fish to fry. I need gil.
So I went to Zi'Tah to farm. I take down bats & gobbues. I made sure to empty my items so I can get enough loot.
Thesage joined me after a while. He was using me as a test dummy for SATA {sneak attack, trick attack}. I get a good amount of loot.
I had an event to go to. My friend Ferrin was getting married in game to in game and real life girlfriend. So I wanted to go. Thesage joined me. He was my "escort" as he told Ferrin, later. We had to go to Bibiki Bay to get on this new type of boat called a "Manaclipper". We met up with Ferrin in Bibiki Bay. We get on boat & over to the wedding area (see next post for location).
The creatures on this island were new to me. The mandragoras' were black. There are some type of shell creature too. They were all too weak to be worthwhile to me. So we just chilled until event started.

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