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Monday, May 25, 2009

Banishing the Shadows

Get on like planned to finish Mission 5-2, The Shadow Lord, so I can get Rank 6. With Rank 6, I can participate in dynamis & the ability to do Zilart Missions. So we gather everyone. Who's everyone? Thesage, Mnace, Kakida, Inchigo and myself. Four of us had to the fight. So I get everyone together. We head to Castle Vhazl Keep to take down the Shadow Lord with just the 5 of us. We were, SMN, RDM, 2 WAR, DRG. 5-25-09 The fight from my prospective, was pretty easy. I just stayed clear & healed folks. It was ok. It was fun. Afterwards, I was too psyched up to log off. So Kainbelmont asked to duo together. I said yep. So we head Aydeewa Subterrane. We had ourselves our own little manaburn party. It was fun. I got a lot of skill ups and a lot of exp points. Kain is the best!! 5-25-09 2

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