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Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Worst Day Ever

I get on to play. I immediately get a party in Wajaom Woodlands. The party had a WHM named Jericho at the beginning of the party. We are fighting these things called Puks, a salamander with wings. Anyway, I'm doing my thing, enfeebling, hasting, and refreshing myself & Jericho. Now Jericho is spamming Cure IV instead of III's and he's constantly running out of MP. I help cure when I could. Can you sense when my day is starting to go south? Photobucket

However, after a while, Jericho screams, "Tiger's not helping me at all, I'm leaving". Then he says to me "You are the worst RDM ever!". WTF?!? Because he can't manage his own MP I'm the worst. I kept every one refreshed, hasted, the mobs enfeebled and helped cure. I was thrown back. I have not had any issues with any other WHM from any other party here about what I'm doing.

I offered to leave party if they didn't like the job I'm doing. They said to stay. So I stayed, but now I'm doing both jobs because we couldn't find a mage. However, Jericho wasn't done with me. He started sending me harrassing tells, so I blacklisted him. He's the very first person who I've ever blacklisted in the game.

After a while, we all decided to participate in Beseiged as a party. This is when the day really start to go further south. As beseiged is under way, my sister, niece & nephew comes to visit my mom, who happens to be here. I greeted them really quickly because, I'm in Beseiged, not a time to be AFK. I came back and I nuked a mob & I died then I had to find a spot to heal. Reraise is a must in Beseiged. Then I get my first yell to come give my sister something. I go afk to give whatever to my sister, I come back I'm dead again. I'm good for probably 30 mins before the next yell comes, come cook your sister & her kids something to eat. So I ran to put something on stove. I come back I'm dead again. I heal in another corner, run check the food come back and play. I repeat this 2 more times to find out what I cooked was not enough. Damn it.

My mom not calling my bro, just me. It's a double standard that I'm not to keen about. I put some more stuff to cook and ran back to play. Did some nuking & some raising. Then my mom is yelling that my stuff should be done by now. I find another hidey hole to put my character so I can run to address my family needs. After 20-30 mins I get back, miraculously beseiged just ended & I'm alive. I get 1002 exp from it.

Now my party wants to play in Bhaflau Thickets killing regular Colibri. So we head there. I find out the hard way that enfeebling them are not worthy cause they bounce the spells back to me. I cast dia on Colibri, Tigerkirara is dia'd. So I just healed and hasted. I do this for a while. Then the most amazing thing happened.....I leveled to 60! I get to wear my hat!!!! Yay!5-3-09 2

After maybe 3 more fights, I had to log. So I warped back home to San D. So I took a bunch of photos of myself. 5-3-09 1 I played all day today. It was really rough because since Jericho, my confidence went to hell. I shouldn't have let him defeat my mood, but it did. So today was not the greatest.

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