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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

FFXI Anniversary

It's that time of year again in FFXI to get anniversary rings. Yay!!!! Here are the stats of my year of playing based on what the moogle who gave me the ring has tallied.
Chat Conversations: 42,173 (Can you tell I like to have conversations?)
Conversations with NPC's: 5,507
Parties Joined: 171  (I really should party more)
Alliances Joined: 3
Battles Fought: 3,844 (I swear this should be higher)
Times KO'd: 90 (not bad)
Enemies Defeated: 2.396  (I would've sworn I've killed more than this)
GM Calls Made: 0  (I've threatened those people who has sent me tells about buying gil that I would report them, lol.I hate those tells)

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