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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How to Register - For Linkshell on Linkshell Community Part I

I get a lot of questions from my linkshell on how to register for Clan Belmont in Play Online's Linkshell Community. Step 1: Go to website: http://fanzone.playonline.com/lscom/index.do You will see the following: Register 1 Step 2: Select "Login To Linkshell Commuinty" Register 2 Step 3: You will arrive on this screen: Register 3 DO NOT SIGN IN!!! Instead click the following: Register 4 Step 4: You will arrive to this page: Register 5 Here you will login using your PlayOnline Content ID & Password. Remember the Content ID is case sensitive. The way you see it in your PlayOnline viewer is exactly the same way you should enter it in the above screen. Once you type in your Content ID and password hit Login. Step 5: You will arrive to this page: Register 6 Click "Select this World/Character" under the character that you want to register. Step 6: You will then arrive to this page: Register 8 Select the community you want to join. Step 7: You will then come to this page. Register 9 Make sure you check Accept. Register 10 Before you select Join. Step 8: You will come up to your page for your character. Register 11 Register 12 Here you will configure what you want other members to view of your chararcter. Once you done, you select Done. Then they are going to want you to confirm your changes. Register 13 Register 14 Step 9: Once you confirm your changes, you will come to your Linkshell's page. Register 15 Please note, this only works if you have the linkshell in your current inventory. It cannot be in your moge safe, storage or mog locker.

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