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Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's All In The Past

Just so you know, this post is really really long. Day 1 I get on because Kirinkage told me that Demicus was going to escort him to the past [S] so he can get allegiance with San D. I wanted to join in. So I logged on. I said hello to everyone. I get ready to head to Jeuno so I can find a shield on AH. As I was going, Thesage asked me to invite me to my party. I started the party. He gets in. He wanted me to protect him in Qufim, I guess. I told him I was heading to Battalia to enter the Cavernous Maw. He said he wanted to get something from AH for his NIN. On the way to Jeuno, in Qufim, we bump into Inchigo. I introduce the 2. I invite Inchigo into the party too. I am rushing to meet Kirin & Demi by the maw in Battalia. Thesage & Inchigo decides to join me in my quest to get my invitation and allegiance to San D in the past. So we choco to the maw in Battalia while Kirin & Demi are in Jugner [S] making their to me in Battalia [S]. We formed an alliance. We ended up meeting in Rolanberry [S] and created a party instead. We make our way to Garlaige Citadel [S] in Sauramonge Champaign [S] to get the red invitation card. Garlaige doesn't look bad in the past. No holes to fall through. Don't have to rely on the Banishing gates to get around the Citadel. We find the guy we needed to talk to. Since we were in Sauramonge [S] they decided those of us who didn't have the Maw unlocked must unlock it. So, Inchi, Kirin & myself unlocked it. So now we have to make our way from Sauramonge [S] to San d'Oria [S] on foot. As we head thru areas that have Maws, those of us who need to unlock them, did. I made it all the way thru to Jugner [S] without aggro. Thesage & Demi got aggro'd multiple times. Inchi had left us by time we got to Jugner [S]. Towards the end, my invisi wore off and I got aggro'd by a cute looking Lady Bug and then a Bee. I almost died. 3 hits I was down to 100 HP from 920 HP. We made it out of Jugner [S] alive and into East Ronfaure [S]. No Latheine!!!!! We make it into San d'Oria [S]. It's almost the same. It's prettier than the present. Then again, the past everywhere is prettier than the present. I turn in the invitation and my allegiance to San D [S] is granted. At this point Demi left us. Then we (Kirin & myself) started and finished the quest to become Knighted in the Iron Ram army of San D [S]. So now, if I want to, can do campaign battles. I then head back to the present to log off the game. Day 2 I get on early to party a little before Kakida came on so I can get some exp so if I die I won't level down. I start the party, this time. I got Thesage [DRG], Kirin [PLD], and another DRG, DRK and THF to party in Bhaflau Thickets. We do well then I had to replace a THF with a SAM. The DRK brought his other character to help with healing. Had to replace the DRG with a BRD. Before I knew it, I leveled to 61. By the end, I had enough of a cushion to die 4 times. Kakida never came on the game. The whole purpose was to help him get his mercenary in Whitegate. We would have to go Caedvre Myre, b.k.a. Imp haven, again. As from a previous post, I died 3 - 4 times there. Damn imps. Day 3 & 4 Kirin needs to level his mages for his DRG subjob, so I decided to be a nice sister and level up a job with him. Only job I have his level (level 3) is NIN to match his WHM. So I change into my gimped gear. We head out to W Ronf to level. We kill mobs. I believe we died 3 times. I got to level 9 twice. But we got bored so we stopped for the night. I realized the 2 pieces of gear I want will cost me 900k. I need to FARM!!!!!!!! So I set out to Zi'Tah to farm bats and gobbues. I really didn't get much by time I got bored. Farming requires patience. That I don't have. I did see Ghostdawg there. He was fishing. The other day he got me a scroll of enfire ii. So when I saw him I told him I was using the spell currently. I left Zi'Tah within one hour of being there. I head back to San D to start Mission 5-1. I need to get cracking on doing my missions again. I'm level 61 and still Rank 5. Also since, I started 5-1 and know 5-2 takes place in Fei'yin, I need to get map of Fei'Yin. Of course this map is only obtained by quest. This quest is in Windurst. To make matters worse, I have to do 5 other quests before I can even touch that quest along with having level 5 fame in Windy. So I head to Windy. I start one of the 5 prerequisite quests. It was very easy & I made 1.5k off of it. I figure, since I'm in Windy, I can do the Lure of Wildcat quest here to so I can teleport to party from here to. I am going to be in Windy for a while. I'm setting it as my homepoint for now. Ta ta for now.

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