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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just One of Them Couple of Days.....

I have been on couple of days, but they were not so much consequential that I have to write separate blogs. So I'm going to bullet point them in outline form. I. I forgot to tell you about the crazy situation/conversation the other night; the night I got my robe (last time I played). Immediately after I log from game, I get a phone call from Titen. asked and told me that I should call him before I get on game. WTF!!!??!!! And then he goes on to to say that I don't want to level with him. I had to put him straight. I told him that I would never call him when I go onto game. And if I'm on game with him at the same time and I'm free to level with him I will. That was just way beyond weird. II. Day One A. I got on and started limit break 3 quest with Maat. I have to get 3 crests from the 3 strongholds. Damn them. I heard the places I have to go are ridiculously hard. Going to need some serious help. B. I get a party immediately when I threw my flag up. The party was pretty good. I didn't level though. Too much exp to gain and I didn't get that much the last time I played. I was having a good time too. It was late so I had to log. C. Upon logging, I tell Thesage goodnight and he says goodnight dude. So I had to correct him and tell him that I was a girl. He said he assumes all female characters on game were men. So I assured him I was a girl. III. Day Two A. Before I get on game, I get a text from Titen asking me to marry him on game. Can you guess my response? I told him no. I am not marrying anyone on the game unless it's my real life husband. B. I went to powerlevel Inchigo for a while in Valkrum Dunes. I said I'd powerlevel before I seek a party. I meet him in the Dunes. He told me to put my flag up if I'm looking for party. I told if I do, I'll get snatched really quickly. I'm in demand, lol. Just to make him happy I put my flag up. I think I healed him twice before I got a party. As I was responding to party leader, Inchigo got killed. I had to raise him. I'm such a bad powerleveler at times. Can't multitask my tells & my actions, lol. I raise and leave him. I headed to the party. I get there and within 20 mins the party disbanded. What a waste of gil. And I wasted an emperor band use. C. So since my party was finished, I went duoing with Thesage for half an hour. We went to Xarcabard. We fought gigas and a few tigers. Then we went to find the dragon that spawns there. We ran in circles and he found it. So we fought it and survived. It was a wussy dragon. After dragon, Thesage had to leave for Dynamis. 4-30-09 2 D. Right after Thesage, I Envoy was waiting to duo with me. So instead of duoing, he decided to help me with my AF6 - my head piece aka Pimp Hat. So we head back to Xarcabard and head to Fei'Yin to fight Miser Murphy for my antique coin. After all the walking we did to get to Fei'Yin I didn't get the stupid cut scene that will trigger Murphy to spawn. So it ended up a wasted trip. Damn. So I warp back to San D and Envoy leaves for Dynamis. E. Since I'm stubborn, I didn't want to log off. So I decided to try the Feast of Swords event in town. I already gotten my ibushi sunai from the moogle earlier. I thought I was going to get an anniversary ring. So I chose to go as my DRG/WHM since I'd have an extra help in hurting the rogue samurai. Okay I tried 3 times. Ember and I died 3 times. That was enough for me. I did make sure that I had Regen & Refresh on from the Field Book. That saved me from instant deaths numerous times. Ah got to love another FFXI event that levels you down to 1. IV. Day Four A. I get on without an objective. So I decided to buy some spells. I know I'm missing 1 or 2 spells. Plus I wanted to buy Paralyna because I've been asked about that so many times. So I bought 3 spells: Blizzard 2, Thunder 2 and Paralyna. I need to get Shell 3. That's was my main goal. I may have to go to Jeuno for it. B. As I was hunting for spells I had my seek party flag up. I got a party. It was a pretty good set up: 2 rdm/whm, war/nin, pld/war, blu/nin, mnk/war. However, finding where to camp was a bit tricky. We ended up in Bhaftau Thickets. My first time there. So we finally made camp and started to party really well. I leveled to 59. 4-30-09 1 However, I had to leave soon, so I got a SAM replacement for me since we already had a RDM in party. I now have to concentrate on getting LB3 and get my AF6. I'm heading into the terrible 60s as they say. I'm looking forward to it. I here LB4 is a piece of cake. So I really have to concentrate on leveling dark and my elementals so I can face Maat for LB5.

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