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This is my diary of my adventures in Vana'diel. This diary will change as my adventures changes. Sit back, read and enjoy.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

RDM - Level 21 - Rank 2

Played: 4.5 hrs

I get on to jott down the spells my WHM or RDM can use. I told my ls (KnightsClub) hello. I get more of a response than I expect. Zeeone asks me what level my WHM was. I told him 15. He says damn. Then he screams (all caps mind you) YOUR RDM IS LEVEL 20!!! Come party with us in Qufim. I said ok. I am here thinking he was powerleveling us again. I told him ok, but I have to warp over to Jeuno.

By the way, when I logged on my plant has grown. I was able to harvest 12 Gyhazl Grass. Woo hoo! I want to sell it. I wonder how much I can get for it. I didn't have time to clear my items. I warp to Jeuno. I asked Zee if he's going to escort me thru tunnel. At this point still, I'm thinking Zee is powerleveling us. He says of course. Then he invites me to the party. In the party is Zeeone, Fawnaa and Olihbear (again). Party make up: RDM, COR, DNC, PLD, WAR and BLU.

I meet Zee at entrance to Qufim. Fawnaa and Oli was there too. We go thru the tunnel. It was clear sailing. No dancing weapons. We meet with the other person in our party. We go to the pond. pty in qufim We get there without aggro. We kill worms, gobs and snippers. There was one snipper that gave a lot of trouble that actually killed Fawnaa. We kill and we were getting good exp. I leveled to 21. I learned the gravity and regen spells that I had in my item list. Inchigo had stocked me up on rolanberry pies yesterday.

Then night time came and the banshee and wights came out. I told them that the banshee has long range aggro. Zee went and started a fight with a worm. Lo and behold the banshee attacked them. It only killed Oli. Inchigo came and raised him. As we wait for daytime, Fawnaa traded pineapple juice to me that she cooked. That was nice of her.

Day time finally came. We continue on fighting. Between killing we heal. Oli decided to heal near me. In the screen it looks as if he's sitting in my lap. So I ask him why is he sitting in my lap. Oli on Lap Zee screams out that he was a horn dog. So for the rest of the times healing, Oli is in my lap. Then at another point I had Oli, Fawnaa and Zee in my lap.

We fight some more. WAR had to leave. Then we replaced with another BLU then another RDM. There was another point we had to run. Fawnaa, Oli, and BLU died. The other BLU, Zee and myself ran to the tower for safety and for Zee to warp to San.D. To change jobs so he can raise the dead 3. I didn't die once the whole night.

My brother Kirinkage comes to watch and kill the Banshees. We had all jokes. We camp in a passageway towards the end. I tell them that I had to leave at midnight. I didn't get another level. I wish I did. I was having so much fun.

Kirinkage escorted me back to Jeuno. I go to my temporary mog house. I found out I can do my gardening from there. So I don't have to run to San.D.. I can level my WHM from Jeuno by chocobo to Selbina. Woo hoo!

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