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This is my diary of my adventures in Vana'diel. This diary will change as my adventures changes. Sit back, read and enjoy.

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

RDM - Level 24 - Rank 2

Played: 4 hours Got on to level RDM, like I promised Olihbear. We plan on getting to 30 together so we both can get SMN. I log on in San.D.. I put all extra stuff into my storage so when I get new stuff I don't loose them because my items are full. I contact Oli. He says he's ready. Told him to meet at Port Jeuno by Qufim entrance. I am still making party while I'm waiting for Oli. I find a THF, WAR, BLM, NIN. We head to Qufim when Oli arrives. We stay in path killing worms until whole party is together. Then Oli had to leave abruptly & so did NIN. I had to find some more people. I find a RDM, Aristander, from my ls {KC}, and another PLD. We fought Giant Trappers (Giga's), Snippers, and anything. On the way to moving camp, I was killed by a Giga while I was curing a party member. I went to homepoint and was going to meet party at new camp, tower. As I got back to my hp, 2 party members were dead. I asked what happened and they said Giga. I totally understood. I head back to Qufim & get to tower. We are waiting for the other 2 party members who died. The PLD died on the way back from Jeuno again. Ari was stuck waiting for a Wight to move. Finally everyone got to tower. We fight anything and everything. We even kill a Wight. I level to 24 from 22, tonight. Woo hoo. Soon, Kazam. I need to start the quest for the Kazam Airship Pass. I tell party I am going to disband because I didn't want ruin their exp. So I fight until I get a cushion. I disband and head to my temporary mog house. I then Chocobo it to San.D. and log off in my own mog house.

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