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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Joining In The Fun

Played: 4 hours I got on again to write out what spells I can use and at what levels. I also want to start to learn how to cook/synthesize. And again I say hello to my ls, KnightsClub. I get a whole lot of hellos, Inchigo, Zeeone, Olibhear and Auska. I'm in Jeuno still. I bump into Zee there. He's bored so he's dancing and all kind of mess around me. He's begging someone to play with him. He says why don't we level new jobs. Oli and I said the only job we are going to want to level is SMN when we get to level 30. That didn't work. He was begging and begging. I finally caved. I said ok. I'll level THF. I want to level THF later because you get good drops. So he invited me to his party and tele-holla'd. We grab chocobos and hi tail it to San.D.. Meanwhile, he's telling Oli to come pl us. He says ok. Then Inchi said he wanted to join in. So Zee changes into PLD/WAR and I change into THF/WHM. Not the best match up, but I wanted MP to cure just in case. Since Zee & I both started same time. So Oli & Inchi makes it to W Ronf to PL us. We start killing. leveling thief 1 We level at the same time. We got to level 5 when we hit LaTheine. leveling thief 3 We took on Saplings, hare, wasps, and sheep. Zeeone kept on dying. I hadn't died at all. Actually I leveled to 6. Zee doesn't like to heal after fights. Oli had to go. So we headed back into W Ronf.. Inchi came with us. He said he will farm in W Ronf.. So Zee decided to take on an Orc when I was not at full power. I used my 2 cures to cure him. He died anyway, then the Orc attacked me. He got couple good shots in & I died. Inchigo raised me and then escorted me back to San.D.. I tell everyone goodnight in ls and log off.

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