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Thursday, September 11, 2008

RDM - Level 25 - Rank 2

Played: 2 hours First I want to show you what I found on Youtube. It's the actual music from the game. I get on and say hi to everyone. Olibhear passed me. He's level 27 now. And Inchigo is getting married in the game. All that hitting on me was a farce, lol. So I asked Oli if he wanted to be my date. He said sure. Then I get a level sync party. It's the new feature that was added on Monday's update. You can party with any level person, but exp level will be met at one level set by party leader. The down side of this is that if you have higher level spells than level cap, you can't use it. The best side is the exp points. We took on worms to clippers and the lowest exp I got was 189. So I leveled to 25 pretty quickly. I disbanded because the party sucked. The arrangement wasn't great, but we had 2 powerlevelers. They wouldn't let me heal for mp. So I melee'd a lot. After I disbanded I went back to Jeuno into the auction house and bought 2 spells: Blizzard and Blink. I then head back to Mog to log off.

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