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Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Fudge in Ghelsba

Played: 3 hours Logged on to go get fame so when I start SMN quest I will have enough to get the avatars when I'm ready. Also, I wanted to skill up my magic skills. I was convinced to powerlevel Zeeone, Fawnaa and Aydan. When I got there, Fawnaa and Zee were dead. Then they start fighting I start curing. This lasted a while. Zeeone died again,so did Fawnaa and Aydan. After a while they got frustrated. I then head back to San.D.. I tell Kirinkage that I will do the Kazam Pass Quest. So I warp to Jeuno to start the quest.I chocobo back to W. Ronf. I meet Kirin on the path. We head to Ghelsba Outpost for the Chestkey. It's a long and ardious road. We make it through to Fort Ghelsba. I see Aristander fighting Orcs also. He's looking for the same chest key. Well I invited him to Kirin and my party. Told him I get the first key and he can get the second key. We fight barely. Kirin fought most. I lot the first key and we fight some more. Second key found, Ari lots it. Then Kirin says, "Let's get the Fudge outta here." We book it out of there. Ari gets aggro'd and I didn't. I usually do. I get back to mog to log off, but I get all immerced in ls chat. Then I log.

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