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Sunday, August 31, 2008

WHM - Level 15 - Rank 2

Played: 4 -5 hours Logged on to level WHM in LaTheine by myself. I get to LaTheine and killed 2 Hares when I get an invite. They are at the Dunes. I said okay. I told them to give me 5 to 10 minutes. I had to go back to San.D. to change into RDM so I can Chocobo it to the Dunes. I was not walking through there at level 11. I asked my brother to bodyguard me. I had to go through the tunnel which will kill me with the bats. And not forget the gobs. I can't take a lick. So he gets me to my party. He sticks around to watch. Darksanzo a guy I made friends with a while ago. He was powerleveling. Then a guy from my ls, Zeeone, came to give me a new pearl for the ls. The original owner of the ls quit. So that means that ls is dead. Fawnaa another member reformed it. The new name is KnightClub. It used to be Forsaken Knights. Zeeone yells at Olihbear because he's in our ls and he didn't give me one. Zeeone starts powerleveling us too. So we had 2 pl's. By time I got there they out grew the lizards so they were taking gobs. I leveled to 13 there. At somepoint we lost darksanzo and kirinkage. I suggest to go to oasis to fight crabs. We all head there, of course I get aggro'd by a gob. Never fails. However, the party was close so we defeated it. We make it to oasis without any more aggro's. Zee and I were teasing Inchigo in the ls. Inchigo has a cyber crush on me. Zee is married to Fawna in real life. We, the party and I, took on snippers, flies, and gobs in the oasis. 2 members had to leave and we replaced them with 2 BLU. During our fight with 2 damsle flies, one of the BLU did an area of effect which caused all the leeches, snippers, and the remaining fly to attack the whole party. I was curing people so a leech attacked me. I cured myself. Then of course I had to cure everyone at the same time, so I cast Benediction. However, before I cast benediction, the BLU who caused it all died. After I cast it, the mob attacked me. I died of course. I had just leveled to 15. I leveled down. After I died, Olihbear died. So 3 out of the six died. Then Zeeone, the gentleman he is, cast diaga to get the mob from attacking. He runs into the desert with the mob attacking. The 3 who lived helped fight the mob. They came back alive. Thank goodness. Zee came back exhausted, lol. He had to recharge his MP. He apologized that I lost my level. I told him no worries, I'll get it back in a fight or 2, which I did. He raised me first. I sat and healed. Then he raised the BLU then Olihbear. We get back to fighting. I turned back to level 15. My tummy growled so I told them I had to leave in 2 fights. Then in 2 fights came, I asked Zee to escort me to San. D.. Then I was telling the party I was going, Olihbear said wait. Just 2 more fights please. I stayed then the party broke up. Zee tele-holla's me and Olihbear to Holla Tele-crag in LaTheine. Zee escorts me to San. D.. I tell him to come meet me in front of mog so he can see my level 20 gear. I come out and he examines me & said it was great. I tell everyone good night on the ls. Olihbear says wait again. Oli is funny. He says it's only 5 pm. I told him it's 8:34 pm for me. He said ok. Then Inchi said my baby has to eat, so let her go. I laughed and said goodnight again. I log out again.

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