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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Dune Trials

Played: 4 hours Well today I decided to play to gain experience points. I wanted to level. So I leave my mog house & head to the Valkrum Dunes. I did it all by myself. I was so proud of myself. I went to the Oasis (crab camp) 1st. Then I decided to try to get to Selbina by myself. I did it. I am so amazed at my bravery. The Gobs that are in the V.Dunes are ridiculous. They aggro at sight. So I'm in Selbina. I look around for a while then I decided to form a party. Woo Hoo party over here!!! I manage to make a full party. I head back to the Oasis in V.Dunes to meet my party. We get to fighting. Then somehow our puller pulled the wrong gob. So we had to zone to Selbina. But by time we reached back to Oasis, we lost our Warrior. He called us a bunch of Newbs & ditched. Oh btw, I forgot to tell you that I died on the run to Selbina. Good thing 1 of our men had a high level job that could raise me. So we found a replacement, a dancer. Well back to Oasis like I said before. We fought a valiant battle. We were fighting a Damslefly, but all of a sudden 3 Leeches attacked us. You guessed it, we all died!! So we laid around chatting. 1 member had to leave, then 2 other left. So it was down to 3 of us. 1 of our old members came by & raised us. Then he got me the Damslefly Worm that I was looking for the other day. We avoided all Gobs & then we found 3 more members. We go back to Oasis. Some of our new members were having difficulty getting to camp. Those darn Gobs. So while one of our guys went 2 help out, 3 of us decided to try to fight a Ghoul so I could get me a magicked skull. I was so close to dying again, but I survived. I also got the skull. So now I have all 3 items needed for my level 18 subjob quest in Selbina. Woo Hoo. Then we start fighting again. But somehow the stupid Leeches at Camp keeps aggroing. So we kept zoning. It was getting annoying. So we ended staying close to Selbina for quick zoning. By then it was getting late I had to log off. I am now 680 pts away from leveling. Argh! I would've leveled if I didn't die twice.

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