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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Un Dia en la Vida de RDM

Played: 7 hrs (2hrs 7/12 & 5 hrs 7/13) 7/12: Got on to fix my macros on my PS3 for both RDM & WHM. After fixing them I decided to try to level WHM some more. However, never made out to level. I ended up selling stuff at the AH and to vendors. 7/13: Got on PS3, and all my macros were gone. So I had to redo them. Then I go out to level WHM. I find that my TV screen is not good for playing FFXI when it's night time in the game. I can't see shit!!! So I log off. I log back on on my computer instead. When I did, I decided to RDM it. I sell some more crap to the street vendors. Then I decide to party with my brother again. I head to the Dunes again. I find 4 other members to party with. We start off at the Oasis, then head over to Gob camp. I finally level to 18. Woo hoo. Then I fight some more to make sure I have enough points to cover me on my way to & from Selbina for subjob quest. I got it from an NPC named Isaico or something like that. However, I wasn't able to use the subjob at that point. So I head back to camp. What did you know, I Gob got me when I was close to camp. Luckily my friend Zephyrr was powerleveling us. I asked her to come raise me. She did. After my weakness wore off I participated in some more fights. My tummy told me to get off. So, I bid everyone a farewell & used my warp scroll back to my homeplace, San D. At home I was able to add my subjob. I used WHM as my subjob. Then I shutdown to go eat.

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