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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Powerleveling Kirinkage's SAM

Played: 1.5 hours I get onto FFXI tonight to powerlevel my brother, Kirinkage, in leveling up his SAM. When I sign on, I can't decide on which linkshell to use. I switch to my brother's Valor Kingdom. No one's on so I switch back to Forsaken Knights. All the while I was doing that, I meet my brother outside castle in W. Ronf.. So I target him and follow him around. He kills some decent challenges then he levels. So he decides to get even matches and toughs. He took some Orcs and I remembered the liability of powerleveling. Everytime I heal my brother, the monster will stop attacking him and come straight to me. The orcs were okay at first. Then my brother decided to take a very tough Wild Sheep. It nearly killed me. I can't attack it or else my brother can't get the exp. I told my brother to step on it. It finally died with my HP down from 320 to 26 and my MP down from 124 to 8. That was a tough sheep. I told Kirin I can't do that again. He got 200 exp from it though. So we head to NW. Ronf. towards Ghelsba to fight Orcs. He takes some down. The last one he attacked was a spell caster (Mage). He put both of us to sleep. Then attacked me. I woke Kirin up. Then he poisoned Kirin then attacked me . It took me a minute to find my Poisona to cast on Kirin to remove his poison. Then when I went to heal Kirin the Orc interrupted my spell. By time I casted cure again Kirin was dead. Then the blasted Orc decided to attack me. So I banished it and hit it with my sword once. Died so easily, the bastard. I shout for a raise for Kirin but he decided he's going to level up his WAR. He said he'll meet me back in Sandy. So he headed to his home place. Then he sends me a tell as I'm heading to the castle that he forgot his homeplace was Jeuno. Lol. So I told him him I'm going to shut down anyhow.

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