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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lazy Tuesday

Played: 3.5 hrs

Today's Tues I don't have anything in particular I want to watch on TV. So I decide to play as my RDM. I had time to party. I mainly party with my bro. BTW, his screen name is Kirinkage. He's more experience than me. He already has a level 30 job and he's unlocked 3 advance jobs. I party with him on 2 of his advance jobs, samurai & paladin. His PLD is same lvl as my RDM. His SAM is the same level as my WHM.

Anyway, I moved from topic. I get on & met my bro in W.Ronf. We head to LaTheine to party together, but we got shitty exp points. So he got another person to party. We head to the Dunes to kill rabbits. We were able to take monsters that were tough with just 3 people. We killed Gobs. The same ones that were killing us in previous parties in the Dunes.


We moved all thru Dunes & found 2 more people to party. We went to the cliffs and stayed out in the open. We fought Sheep, Bats, Steppe Hares, & Snippers. We were getting a lot of exp points & I didn't have on my anniversary ring. 2 guys leveled when we fought. It's gonna take me forever. Must have 4k points to get to 18 & when I started today I only had 190.

I was ready to leave at 10:45 pm. I had to travel all the way back from the Dunes to San D. Then all of a sudden at 10:30 pm 3 of the guys in the party just left. So my bro & I headed back to San D. I still need over 1-2k to get to level 18. I will work on that this weekend. So I'm back in San D. I shutdown for the nite.

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