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Monday, July 7, 2008

The Healing Has Begun

Played: 2 hours I decided to play for 2 hours tonight. When I got on, there wasn't anyone to party with. So I decided, I might as well level up WHM because I am going to have that either as my subjob to my RDM or have my RDM as my subjob to WHM. However, my RDM needs over 3k points before I get to level 18 for the subjob quest, so I will have to party to get the exp points. I change jobs at my mog house then head out to AH to buy a club for my WHM to use. I did buy 1 spell, Banish. I didn't buy anymore because I have a good chunk of them already. They'll be available to me as my level increases. I decide to play in E.Ronf. because it's close to home. I go out. In 3 fights, I'm level 2. I can use Cure. 3 more fights, I'm level 3, I can use Dia. It goes on like that until I hit level 5. As I hit lvl 5, I saw a guy, same level, so I asked him to party with me. He says sure. Then he says, "Don't Join My Battles". That's the whole purpose of partying. We took an Orc & a Fungar. So I got fed up & disbanded the party. He sucked. I could do better by myself. I decided to try an Even Match Beetle. He kicked my ass. My brother was hollering behind me. So of course I died. I am no longer scared of dying. It's a part of the game. I did not level-down either. I just went back to my mog house. Then I remembered I had the spell Banish. If I remembered it during the fight, I would not have died. I could kick myself. I shut down for the night.

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