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Thursday, July 24, 2008

My 15 Minutes of Fame

Played: 1 hour Well I decided to get on & continue to level up my WHM. I get on and head to W. Ronf.. I check my items to see if there is anything to sell. I do go and sell the Spatha sword that refuses to sell at the auction house. I get like 386 gil at the weapon shop. That was great because it was selling for 300 at the AH with a 21 gil fee. So I made out ahead. I head out to W. Ronf. On my way out, I get a tell saying "OMG It's You!!". I was flabbergasted. I responded with a polite "Hello" and "Do I know You". She said yes. We are in the FFXI guild on Gaiaonlin.com. I was thinking I was some kind of celebrity. So we get to talking. I ended up befriending her. Her name is Rainewaters. So I keep killing as I move along. I took on even-matches and decent challenges. As I get back closer to the castle, I kill easy preys. I head into E.Ronf. from W. Ronf. thru the doorway close to the castle. I was also chatting on my linkshell. I can't help but keep saying this. I love my linkshell. They make me laugh. We decide to hook up on Sunday to party. Looking forward to it. I head on home to my Mog.

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