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Monday, June 30, 2008

Testing The Element

Played: 1.5 hrs Today, I just went on to check my status since I died yesterday. My bro also tells me that I should have a new WS - Red Lotus Blade since I leveled to 16. And of course, I didn't have it. I think RDM doesn't get it until level 20. I ended up going to the AH in San D'. Someone put up a scroll of AERO! Unfortunately, WATER was not there. I don't know why it's so hard to get that scroll!! So with my new spell handy I decided to go try it out. So I head to LaTheine. Killing in W or E Ronf is a waste of time for me I get no experience. As I run to LaTheine, I am reading my crazy linkshell chat. I luv my linkshell, they are hilarious. I get to LaTheine & healed some people. I'm such a good RDM. I find some Birds, Rabbits, & Orcs to test AERO on. It's pretty cool. So I head back home to San D.

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