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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just Another Day as a Nurse

Played: 1.5 hours I finally got back on to FFXI tonight. As my previous post said. I was at the Holla Temple in LaTheine. I decide to run back to San. D. to change into my WHM to level it up. On my way thru LaTheine, I see a Battering Ram. I avoid it & checked it to see if I could take it. It said it was tough. So I keep going. Next you know I hear the loudest growl. I was aggro'd by another Battering Ram. I was trying to run for my life. Of course the sucker killed me. Which was fine by me. I needed to be in San. D.. I head to my homepoint. I enter my Mog house to change my job to WHM/RDM. I change my job and head out to sell goods to the store. I head into W. Ronf. to level. I did pretty well. Once the nightfall took place in Vana'Diel, I took shelter in the castle. I can't see on my TV screen when it's nightfall. Once daylight came I went back out to do some more killing. I leveled up to 6. I killed some more. Then it started to get night again, so I ran back into the castle. This time I sold some more stuff. Then I decided to check the AH for armor, weapons & spells. I then realized I had 2 spells in my mog house. I head back there. On my way there, one of my linkshell pals waved to me. I get into my Mog and got the spell Poisona. I couldn't use the second one because it's for level 7. I head outside to use the spell. Once outside, I see more of my linkshell pals. I wave to them. I use the spell & create a macro for it. I get lazy and head back inside my mog to shutdown. Moogle

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