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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sounds of Seventeen

Played: 2 consecutive days at odd times I played for at least 2 - 3 hours for the past 2 days. I will go by day. I have been a bit busy to blog about it. Day 1: On July 2nd, I decided to explore LaTheine. I have only gone there on my way to the Dunes. Just the basic areas. So I'm in LaTheine chilling. Killing as I make my way towards the Holla teleport temple. On my way, I level to 17. Finally!!!!!!!! I avoided 2 Battering Rams. I almost walked right into one. It came out of nowhere. With my quick reflexes I was able to dodge it without it seeing me, lol. I get to the teleport crag. Then my stomach started to growl. I was about to shut down when people now started to ask me to party. I told everyone to wait 2 hours, I was going to eat. So I shut down at the teleport crag. No enemies come up there. I was planning on getting back on that night, but I got lazy. I fell asleep. Day 2: My best friend named SL (I will not reveal his real name) came by to visit me. He also came to fix my sound on my computer. I've been playing the game all this time without sound. I didn't have any warnings that I was being aggro'd before. My only warning was when they were already hitting me. So he fixed the sound. Then I went onto FFXI to see if I can hear anything. Well I got on & I was at the temple. I didn't hear any music. So I was running towards home so I can hear the music. On my way, I avoided another Battering Ram, all awhile I was showing SL the ropes. On my way, I finally got aggro'd by an orc. I didn't hear it. So the sounds were not working. I defeated the orc in 2 swings. Yes, I'm that good, lol. I get into W.Ronf, I decide to shut down again to see why the sounds were not working when it was working on my computer generally. I figured it out by going to the config program for FFXI. Then I decided to get back on. Now I wanted to go get an enemy to aggro me. I ran to Ghelbsa Outpost. SL is still watching me. I stepped in front of every Orc. I healed in front of every Orc. No aggro. They just walked around me. I couldn't get not 1 Orc to aggro me. Orc So I left Ghelsba & went into W.Ronf. to get a Goblin to aggro me. Success. I heard it before it hit me. Then I went back to the castle. I checked the auction house. I finally got Water & I bought Slow & Barsleep. Then I shutdown again. I just went on to show SL the game & fix the sound. I'm trying to get SL to play FFXI instead of WOW.

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