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Monday, July 28, 2008

Sick Time Turns Into Play Time

Played: 6 - 8 hours I called in sick today because I wasn't feeling to well. So since I had to stay near my computer to do audit work, I decided to play. I get on to level my WHM. I decided I wanted my WHM to be the exact half of my RDM. It was taking me too long, to get points so I got frustrated. I used my anniversary ring. That doubles my exp. I start then my boss called. So I stopped playing. I shutdown. I finished what my boss needed,then I went 2 find myself something to eat. Since I'm sitting in my living room, I decide to play a little. I used my PS3. You know the one I've been complaining about because the TV is dark & I can't see during Vana'diel night time. So I decide to finish up quests that I have open. So I tackle the Prince Peirje Receipt quest. I head to the Chateau in N. San D.. I wander thru the whole place talking to every single NPC to finish this quest. Couldn't find the person. I got annoyed so I left the Chateau. As I left the Chateau, I decide to talk to the guard. Can you believe it? He's the one I was supposed to talk to all along. I spent all this time in the Chateau. Argh! The guard runs in & back out to the castle. He then insulted my outfit. So I thought I was done. I then decided to tackle the lost dad quest. I'm looking for this kid's father in N. San D.. I am going all over San D. looking for this man. I can't find him. So I look at my open mission list to get an idea to where I could possibly find the father. The receipt mission is still open why? I head back to the guard at the Chateau. He tells me I have to go back to the Armor Shop. Duhh! I head back to shop and get 200 gil for the mission. I decide to go back out to level. It's daytime.

I'm out leveling now in W. Ronf. I get closer & closer towards LaTheine. That means I'm getting stronger. I decide to try a Wild Sheep. It checked at decent challenge. I've been fighting & winning decent challenge orcs. I am dying!!! As I am fighting the one Wild Sheep, another decided to attack me too. This DRK/WHM guy saved my butt. I didn't die. So the only lesson I took from that fight was to make sure there isn't another sheep around. So I'm all healed & I take on another sheep. Why did I almost die again?!!!!!? It was only one sheep & decent challenge. DRK saved my butt for a second time. I luv him. Of course, I'm determined, I lose the DRK and then fight another sheep. I killed it without nearly dying. Just barely though. I sit down and heal. I go and fight an orc. Tigerkirara Defeats Orc

I go back to castle to buy new armor. I totally look like a mage now. I decided to finish the lost father mission. I'm still running around San. D.. Then my brother arrives home. He tells me that the blasted father is in the Weapon Shop!!!!! I would never even thought to go there. Thank goodness for my brother. He said he wanted to powerlevel me, so I said ok. I log off from my PS3 and head to my desktop computer. There, I can see at night. I log on and then I head to the AH. There I see a linkshell member Hungsolo. We chat it up. He's in a new linkshell and he wanted me in it. He sends a sack holder to trade a pearl to me. I accept the trade. Believe it or not, my brother is in this linkshell. That makes it a lot sweeter. They are both great linkshells. I'm still listening to my old linkshell. They are meeting at the AH. I see a few of them. So I go over and talk with them. Some Folks in My LS

My brother finally catches up to me. I tell my linkshell folks bye. We head into W. Ronf. I head close to LaTheine. I target Even-Matches & Toughs. I level to 9. Yippee. I tell my brother I want to change into my RDM to level up in Dunes & LaTheine. We head back to the castle. I change back in to my Mog to change to RDM. On my way to meet my bro in W. Ronf. I bump into my brother's friend Unworshipdangel.I spoke with him for a bit. I befriended him. Then I bumped into Rainewaters again. We say hello. I finally get back to my brother. I tell him about Unworshipdangel. He says cool and to equip my new linkshell. I say hello and my brother introduces me. We run to Dunes. As we enter Dunes I was able to make a party with a DRG and WAR. We head to the Oasis. We fight just the 3 of us, while my brother farms Leeches. Then another WAR wants to party with us. I invite him. Then I realize it was that Joshctc that I had issues with in a previous post when I was leveling WHM. As we were fighting, Unworshipdangel came and powerleveled us. Then the original WAR left, which left us back to 3. Then I level to 19. I decided to get off then. I disbanded and warped home. I shut down.

I talk to my brother and asked him is he asked Unworshipdangel to PL us. He said no. He thought I asked him. I told him I didn't. Then my brother comments that his friends treat me better than him. Lol.

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