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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Death by Fungi

Played: 1.25 hours I get on to do mission 2-1 - Rescue Drill in LaTheine. So I accept the mission. Then I set my Macros for my RDM/WHM. I head to LaTheine all the while chatting on my Linkshell. I decided to kill on the way. I get nothing. No exp. Just gil & items. That sucks. I wanted to at least get some exp so if I die I don't level down. I enter LaTheine. I attack stuff. Nothing. I don't get any exp. I don't feel like going to the Dunes. So I decide to go ahead w/ the mission. My brother shows me how to get there. There are 2 Fungar that register as easy prey & they aggro. I avoid them both. But when I went to talk to NPC, they attacked me. I died of course. And I leveled down. So I just returned to my homebase. Damn!!! So now I have to head to Dunes to level again before I can complete this damn mission. ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nidaime_2 said...

I think you should work on doing some Wings of the Goddess content soon ;). There's a thing called Campaign Ops you can do once per RL day (the quests stack up to 7, afaik). It's a really nice way to get some minor experience for buffer and the like (One of these quests can give up to 350 experience). If you have only little time to play it is a nice option if you want to get something done ^^.