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Monday, July 14, 2008

Tele-Holla! Do You Have It?

Played: .5 hrs Went on to get the Holla teleport crystal & to test out whether or not I can use the spell Banish from my WHM. If I can, it would be great. Okay when I log on, I say hello to my linkshell. They are a hilarious bunch. I luv my linkshell. So, one character named Inchigo started flirting with me. Had me rolling. I could hardly get to my destination: LaTheine. I went the wrong way several times because they were making me laugh. I finally get into LaTheine & head towards the Teleport. I was planning to test out my new status but the linkshell had my full attention. I luv it. I get to the teleport. The first one, didn't have the crystal. The second one didn't have the crystal. The third one finally did. I get the crystal. I decide to shut down there. I tell my linkshell bye. They wish me well. Note: I will not be playing for the rest of week & weekend. Going out of town.

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