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Saturday, July 19, 2008

I Miss Vana'diel

I am away for the weekend in North Carolina. I'll be back home on the 20th, tomorrow. I miss the game. I can't tell you why. I don't play that often when I'm home. Maybe because I'm bored. I can't relax. I always have to have something to do. I can't lay down with out watching TV. I always have to multi-task. Anyway, I've been strategizing. Thinking about leveling to 20. I wonder how hard is it to do the Chocobo Quest. It'll make traveling a lot easier. Plus you can't get aggro'd while riding the Chocobo. It's cheaper to ride a Chocobo than to buy an Instant Warp scroll. I need to campaign more. I hate to look for fights, but that's the only way to get conquest points which will allow me buy stuff like... Instant Warp, Instant Reraise, Emperor/Empress Bands or Bracelets. I also need to start crafting. I have enough Gil to last me a while but you never know how much getting level 20 armor is going to cost me. And how expensive is the armor as you gain higher & higher level. I say if I start getting my craft level up now when I don't really need the Gil, when I need it, I will be skilled enough to bring in a lot of Gil. I will love to start traveling in the game, but I'm too chicken. I get to into the game when I'm playing. I think it's me who has to fight the beasts and may die, lol. I am finally okay about about dying in the game. I hated to die in the game. I refused to go places that I would likely die in, i.e. the Dunes. That's where I've died the most. But that's the only place that I can go that I can get good experience now. The Gobs still aggro me. I died the last time I was there. My friends think I'm addicted, but I'm not. I getting my money's worth, since I have to pay a subscription fee. Also, my friends need to try FFXI before they start bad mouthing the game. It's not like I'm on World of Warcraft. People get addicted to that game. People get divorced behind that game. I still accomplish what I need to do in my life. So playing FFXI is not detrimental. Anyway, I am looking forward to getting home to play, tomorrow.

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