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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Start of The Crying Game

Played: various times I haven't blogged because I've been disheartened with the game. Not the actual game, but my game playing. As I said in previous post, that I died doing mission 2-1. So couple days later, I decide to go to Dunes to kill Sand Hares and/or Gobs, whichever are decent challenges. I'm knocking out Sand Hares. I level to 19 after 3 of them. Then I decide I'm going to get enough exp so I won't level-down if I die. I pull a Gob that was decent challenge. I pull another Gob. Then some more Sand Hares. I now have like approximately 200 exp, still need another 240. I pull another decent challenge Hare & the micki ficki killed me. I level back down to 18, again. I suck!!!!! I go back home and log out. Frustrated!!!!!!! I log on couple of times to do some shopping and selling. I buy Silence at AH. I create a Bazaar. I then run around San.D. looking for stuff. I show my brother where to find the Furniture store in N.San.D. My bro & me As we run around the Summer Festival is going on. We find Mumor fighting demon in Labor Man's Way in N.San.D. . You are supposed to clap & dance on cue. I also started to garden. I checked today on my plant and fed it a fire crystal. I can't wait to find out what my plant grows into. Looking at my plant I am going to start doing crafts to earn gil. I'm down to approximately 100k or so gil. I want to farm snippers for Land Crab Meat. They sell for a good chunk of gil also. Till next time....

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