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This is my diary of my adventures in Vana'diel. This diary will change as my adventures changes. Sit back, read and enjoy.

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Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Beseiged Warlock

I get on early to retrieve my boots from Crawlers Nest. It was like around 11:30 am. Not many people were on. Only person was Oliphant. So I begged him to help me. He said sure. We met at C Nest. I lead him to where I left my boots. On the way. Someone called for help. So we helped her. She was running from a bomb mob. I never seen one there before. I actually thought that mob only came out during Halloween when I started playing, lol. So we finish off mob and head into the deadly tunnel. Until we get close to mobs, I put sneak & invisible on both me and Oli. He didn't tell me when it wore until it was too late. He got caught by 5 bees. I healed him as much as possible without drawing hate. When he got down to 5th bee, I helped him melee. The bees read as even match to me. Then we sat and and rested for a while. We get to area for me to pick up my boots. No mobs there. So I got it. Then I cast sneak and invisible on both of us again. Oli again didn't tell me when wearing and got caught by 2 exorays. Those checked tough to me. He started to run to zone. I said okay he's running to zone let me run too. Just as I passed the last 2 scorpions, my sneak and invis wore off. They killed me as I was zoning. WTF!!!!! I had the downloading screen and all. I thought my ass was safe. I thought wrong. Oli died to. We both hp'd. At least I got my Warlock boots. Only thing I don't like about the boots, I lose 9 MP. Oh well. I had to log cause I had to pick up my sister. Once I returned home I logged back in. I had no idea what I wanted to do. Kirinkage said there was going to be a massive besieged going on. 3 factions were going to attack. I contacted Frizzlefry to see if I could join his party. He said he's taken someone somewhere and would when he gets to Whitegate. So I immediately leave for Whitegate. I had to take long route since I'm not a mercenary yet. On the boat, I was talking to Zeeone. I told him about besieged. He said he's going to be there. He was excited. When I finally arrived, he invited me to his party. I also bought all my maps. Whitegate is mad confusing. I started the mercenary quest. Since I'm not mercenary yet, my participation is just for skill ups and having experienced the event. I met Zee in Alzahbi then walked back into Whitegate so I won't be teleported elsewhere. I find where the mages stay and started casting spells. I put on reraise just in case of death. I survived the 1st wave. In the second wave, I died 3 times. I rose due to my reraise then I slapped on my reraise again. As I was healing I get killed again. I raise again. However, this time I didn't have time to put on reraise before I died. I have no idea what killed me all 3 times. Only thing I hated was all the lag. My elemental and enfeebling went up a bit in there. So I think I will do besieged again. No one came to raise me so I hp'd. I didn't want to do the 3rd wave. I get back to San D to find out I didn't lose any exp from dying. Yes. Once back in San D I participate in the Doll festival again. This time I turn into a Hume girl. Photobucket I was talking to Ghostdawg and he said he'll come skill up with me in Altepa. So I stop the festivities of the Doll Festival and go to my mog house to get my inventory into order. I OP warp to Altepa and met Ghost there. We duo for at least 2 hours. We killed a lot of gobs. There was a near death experience. We then took on 2 Lesser Manticore.  Photobucket They resemble the Notoriously hard NM called Kirin. Then we fought a scorpion. Photobucket It was pretty cool. After a while I got tired and decided to call it a night. We both op'd back to our home nations. I go sell all the crap I accumulated. I head to mog house, checked delivery box and logged for the night.

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