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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Job Market Is Tough

Hey I get on to try to make some headway in the SAM and DRK job quest. I start with the DRK since I'm in Bastok when I log on. I have to go to Parlborough Mines. Another stinking cave like Ordelle's Cave. I really hate caves. So of course I am trying to get through caves to find a boat. The same boat Kirinkage and I accidentally took when he was helping me with Kazham map quest. So I've been here before. So as I am navigating these mines I am holding conversation with Ghostdawg and Unworshipdangel. Unworship told me he is now level 50 RDM and ready to do LB1. He said he did Dunes parties for levels 48-50. It's been hard getting a party since I've been on for a while. I got side tracked now. I also contact Delvega since I got a message from him when I logged on. He said he'd get back to me later. So I made it to the boat without getting lost. Yay! I zone into Zehrun Mines and got my cut scene. I get my Choasbringer Sword. Now I have to kill 100mobs with this Sword. Are you ready for the bad news? I can only use sword with either DRK or WAR jobs. Since I can't use DRK I have to use WAR; a job I don't want to level. So now I decided to try the SAM fights. I asked Ghost if he thought it was possible for me to solo the first NM. He said no. He said I was going to help me with NM. So I had to meet him in the Sanctuary of Zi'Tah. It's a place I've never been and I do not possess a map. I asked Ghost where to get map. He said Mhaura. So that's another trip to take later on. So I meet him in Zi'Tah.  Photobucket We kill NM together. I get one item. Now I have to go to Konschtat Highlands to defeat a bomb; another NM. Ghost said he couldn't help me with the second NM. This time I believe I can take it all by myself I warp to San D from Zi'Tah then OP warp to Dunes. I went to Selbina and traded more cabbages to the guy. And see if I can start quest that I couldn't before. Yes! I got it. Damn my fame is rising in Selbina. I have to go back to Beaudeaux. I'll do that when I finish DRK. So I walk to Konschat and find location. I buffer up and trade item to fight bomb. It was a very close fight. We were both close to death, but alas I died. I HP to San D to find I need to get darsteel ore to trade to girl in Norg for more Oreintal steel to kill bomb again. So I check AH. No darksteel ore (sad face). Now Delvega contacts me. I asked him to check Whitegate AH for item, but he was in Jeuno already but he checked Jeuno AH for me. None. Damn! So I can't finish SAM any time soon. So Delvega wants me to join this other LS called ClanBelmont. I told him to meet me in Bastok cause that's where I was heading to start on my 100 mob killing.Why kill in W Ronf? I want Gustaberg OP so I am doing my part for San D to win Gustaberg conquest. I change jobs to WAR with chagrin. I then found out that the sword is just not a regular sword; it's a great sword. That means no weapon skill for me. I head into North Gustaberg. All there is are decent challenges. I take on a wasp. Doing well until the S.O.B. Healed itself. Then the shit nearly killed me. I disengaged and zoned. Damn sword has a huge frickin' delay. So I go out to try again. I try the worm. Yes. I can take the worm. I do well. I tell Del to meet me in N Gusta. I probably killed 4 or 5 mobs when Del found me. He gave me a pearl. It's green. Clashes with my outfits, lol. I get on and a lot of folks I know are on. Even Naquel. He was so excited to see me. Lol. I lost track a bit counting my mobs because of Naquel. So before I logged off, I think I killed 10 or 11 mobs. So I have 90 or 89 to go. Fun! .....Not!

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