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Saturday, February 21, 2009

I've Hit Middle Age.. What To Do?

List of Accomplishments: 1. Obtained DRK job 2. Eco-Warrior - Windurst 4. Eco-Warrior - Windurst 3. Leveled RDM to 50!!!! 4.Obtained Ranguemont Pass map 1. I finished killing the 100 mobs on Friday. I head to Beaudeaux for completion. I walk in and got my cut scene. By the way I killed an extra 7 mobs just in case. Yay! I can do DRK. Not like I'm going to level it any time soon. Plus they let me keep my sucky sword with the delay of 666. SE must of thought they were slick. I dropped it. Lol. Couldn't sell it. Since I was in Beaudeaux I thought I'd finish up my map quest. I couldn't find my way, so I left when I got an invitation from Kakida to do an Eco-Warrior quest. 2. I meet Kakida in Windurst to do this eco-warrior quest. Found out you need an alliance of 3 to do this quest. Rewards: 5k gil & an exp scroll. The cap is level 20. So we all run to Tahrongi Canyon to enter the Maze of Shakrami. I've been here before. I don't remember why. Maybe DRG quest. Anyway, It was a sworm of us in there. Photobucket There were familiar faces. The whole thing was easy. I really didn't have to do much. It was easy money. I also got a pearl from this ls. It's called A New Day. There are some old faces I know, like Stormghost. I reminded him that the last time both of us were in a ls alliance event, both of us were face down on the ground, lol. 3. After eco-warrior, I decided to level. I get a party going for 48+ in where? The Shitadel. I got Kakida (WAR), Inchigo (WAR), Kirinkage (DRG), myself (RDM), Ghostdawg (SAM) and Sirslang (THF). The party was doing well until death started to happen. I leveled to 50. The first death, Kakida. Second death, me - damn beetle. The last death, the whole entire party!!!!! At that point, we all hp'd and called the party done. Photobucket 4. Since we all died and party broke up, Ghost asked if I needed help with anything. I said yeah. I have a map quest in Beaudeaux to finish but I don't know how to get there. He said he was down. We met in Pashow & made our way. We find the prisoners of war and rescued them, lol. We head out I go to Selbina and finish quest & got $$ & map. Then I told him goodnight & I logged.

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