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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm So Frickin' Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I get on to see if anyone wants to do anything much. I ended up going out to do skill ups . I was with Kirinkage so we headed to Sanctuary of Zi'Tah. We get there and found out that I'm pretty much near the right level. The only things in the zone that were decent challenges were the Rock golems. I got my sword up a smidgen and my elemental up a smidgen. I got some beast blood too. Then Kirin & I zoned into Boyhada Tree and he fought a spider that was incredibly tough to me. It dropped a Boyhada Chest Key. I thought I needed it for an AF for me, so I asked Kirin if I could lot it. He said yes. Then he realized when it was too late that he needed it. I can't trade it to him. I also found out that I didn't need it either. So I'm stuck with a chest key I don't need until I'm in my 70s. So we got bored and left for San D. I decided to try out the Doll Festival Event. I speak to the moogle. I get this thing called taru rice cake. So I try it out. I turn into the cutest little TaruTaru girl. I'm smaller than the regular Taru's. My friend Frizzlefry (a Taru) came by to check me out. I was so tiny compared to him. Photobucket Then he turned into a Mithran girl. Photobucket It was so funny. I wanted to check out how small I was compared to the rabbits in W Ronf, but I went to normal once I zoned. Oh well. Then I tried the mithran rice cake that turned me into a Mithran girl and Frizz turned into an Elvaan girl. Photobucket We were running around S San D causing trouble. Lol. Had a blast. We were running trying to get in other players way when they were running. Lol. I had fun. I ran into my mog house and called it a night.

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