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Monday, March 2, 2009

A Temporary Awakening

I get on thinking to do a lot of things but all my boys were off doing things of their own. So I decided to go fish. I had a stack and 8 of bait. I run off to W Ronf to the lake to fish. I used up all my bait. I got one stack of moat carp, 5 rusty buckets, 1 rusty leggings, and 2 monsters. I run back to San D to sell items to NPC and on AH.

What to do?

So I decided to wake Ember from her slumber. I was heading to my mog house to change to DRG when I bumped into Kakida. I asked him to wait for me cause I was going to Latheine myself. My DRG is level 8 but with Ember hitting so hard I figured I was ready. So I changed and met up with Kakida. We ran to W Ronf. On the way, I stopped and got a supply run for Volbow region. So I started killing sheep on the way that checked as decent challenges. I was doing well until I got to another sheep and I almost died. I didn't have enough MP to cast a spell for Ember to heal me. I survived with 10 HP left. Close call. Kakida was killing mobs that were close enough to aggro me. As I was still in W Ronf with Kakida when I got a tell from Ghostdawg telling me that he's ready currently to take me on the supply run to Volbow. So I tell Kakida I had to run. He said no problem. I didn't even have time level. I did get some skill ups. I ran back to San D to change back into my RDM.

I OP to E Altepa and met Ghost there. We go from E Altepa to W Altepa. Some how Ghost lost his chocobo zoning into W Altepa. So he's on foot and I'm staying on my choco. Less chance for me to aggro anything. We get to Kuftal tunnel. We go in. Then Ghost who was ahead of me started back towards me running saying "zone". 2 crabs aggro'd him; a 75 DRG! Then he said, keep me alive. Then he changed mind again and said zone. So we both run to zone. We go back in after resting. I sneak & invis myself. He did the same. I only had to cast 2 or 3 times in tunnels before we were in Cape Terrigan. The OP was very close to the tunnel exit. However, I checked the gob closest to me & it ready incredibly tough, I decided to sneak & invis myself again. I get to OP and give the guy the supplies. Yay!! I got the Volbow region OP. Ghost had to go back to his thing and I warped back to San D.

I pretty much have all OP points now except for 4. 3 of them the game will not allow me to get until my level is high enough. The last is Gustaberg. Damn those Bastokians. Won't let Gustaberg fall to San D's influence. Damn them. One of these days though. I'll be waiting. Anyway, I went to sell more shit that I had. I got 2 house lamps from Doll Event Moogle. Yay! 2 extra storage slots. I go to mog and try to re-organize myself. Got tired of that & I logged off.

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