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Friday, February 27, 2009

The Break In The Horizon

I decided to round up people to help me with my first limit break. I got Ghostdawg who said he'll help after he finish fishing. Then I got Kirinkage and Inchigo. As I was getting under way, Naquel contacted me. So he said he'll help until he had to go to his Promy run. I said the more the merrier. So we decide to start with the Necro (Eldemiene Necropolous) first since it was the hardest one. I am too low to go thru the whole place so I stayed at zone. I did venture in to a point. It started with just Kirin and Inchigo. Naquel made it just as we were heading in. The 3 valiant heroes go in and start killing Lichs. After a while Naq had to leave. We still didn't get item yet. However, Ghost came in time. He goes in just as Inchi dies and Kirin got the item. I lot it. Now we head to Garlaige Citadel. Inchi had to meet us there since he had to hp from dying. We get there in record time. This time I had to go further in to help open the banishing gate. However, I stay just inside the banishing gate. The fellas (Kirin, Inchi and Ghost) go in and after 3 fights the item dropped. Now crazy Inchi warps out of there. Now Ghost, Kirin and I are stuck behind the banishing gate. Abway had to come and cast escape on us for us to get out. You need 4 people to open the gates in citadel. Now we go on to the last place, Crawlers Nest. I had 2 things to do in Nest so we tackle the LB1 item first. That was easy. Dropped on first fight. So we then ran around the nest looking for a treasure chest. Found one easily. I get my item that I had to go back to San D for. I put the guys in an area where I can easily find them on my return. I return to them as quickly as possible. I learned there are things in there that will try to kill me. I find the area to bury the boots. Then we made it out the Nest. I thank all my boys for the help. Ghost had me on follow so I carefully took him back to Jeuno with me. Follow cancelled when I zoned into Jeuno. I immediately ran upstairs to Maat. I trade him the 3 items. I pass my first limit break. Yay! Tomorrow I have to head back to Crawlers Nest to pick up my AF2 boots. I log off.

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