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Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Job Hunt Part 1

I finally made it back home from vacation yesterday. To find out several things askew: 1. My other LS: RazorBladeKiss has broken up 2. The other broken LS Valor Kingdom is back open So I get a new pearl for Valor Kingdom. I go on to find just a few people on, so I switch to my own LS. I get a person from LiveJournal onto my LS. So Ghostdawg and Inchigo are on my LS. I decide to open jobs today to gain fame. Since I'm in San D, I decided to start the PLD Job Quest. To find out I have to do 3 quests in order to become PLD. 1. I had to get a Revival Tree Root - Titen sent me the item since San D didn't have it in AH. 2. I had to get a stalactite from Ordelle's Cave - Ghost came to help me here because I was hopelessly lost in Ordelle's. 3. Then I had to go Davoi to find some unused well - Both Inchi & Ghost came to help me. I succeeded to get to the well alive but Inchi got caught by 3 Orcs that killed him. I raised him. We get out fine. Ghost went to farm & Inchi went to gain his level back since he leveldown when he died. I return to San D and complete quest. Ding PLD. I don't foresee me playing PLD anytime ever. Don't like tank jobs.
I then decide to open NIN. I head to Bastok. There I open DRK and NIN. Ghost & Inchi said they'll help kill leeches and escort me to Norg. I do all the necessary parts in town. So Ghost met me in Bastok and took me to Korrolka tunnel to get to leeches. We meet Inchi at spot. We kill leeches then I warp back to Bastok. During my ride to Jeuno, Ghost's static party started so he had to leave. That left Inchi to escort me to Norg. I meet him in Kazham. We choco to Norg. I find out I don't have a map of Sea Grotto and Norg. I get what I need in Norg for NIN quest and I also opened the SAM quest while I was there. I warp back to Bastok and finish the NIN quest. I then log off.

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